Get Toned-by-Tonight with Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley

Get Toned-by-Tonight with Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley in partnership with presents the Toned-by-Tonight Workout™ with Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley.  

Are sexy, bearable abs in your future?  Research shows that while exercises designed to whittle your middle do offer benefits, a total body workout is what you really need to get those sexy abs you’ve been crunching for.  

When you want to look and feel awesome yet don’t have time to hit the gym, give Hurley’s Toned-By-Tonight™ Workout a try – for a firmer, sexier you – by tonight.

Looking toned & sexy in your little black dress is always in season.  And there’s no time like the present to get “Toned-By-Tonight” with Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley, who shares her 20 minute workout here, and dishes her coveted pre-event diet and beauty tips and tricks in The Party Girl Diet and on ABC 15′s Sonoran Living Live:

While you can’t change your body overnight, you can do Aprilanne’s “Toned By Tonight” Workout to make your muscles look more toned and defined by nightfall:

Major TV Networks Sexy Abs & Party Girl Diet Aprilanne Hurley has appeared live on.

Aprilanne Hurley SFN, CLFC is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, author of The Party Girl Diet, and series creator and host of  California Living™ - the Bay Area’s original lifestyle show featuring California’s trends in food, travel, and healthy living.  

Hurley’s best seller – The Party Girl Diet is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle plan combining today’s groundbreaking health and nutrition research with Hurley’s penchant for good living to deliver a revolutionary new diet and lifestyle that lets you  “Keep the Party Going” While You Lose the Weight.”

Discover The Party Girl’s Revolutionary NEW Way of Living That Let’s You:

  • Lose Up to 5 pounds in 3-Days with The Party Girl Diet’s HEALTHY, Quick-Fix Kickoff Plan!
  • Torch Fat & Calories with The Party Girl Diet’s Cutting Edge Workout Guide ~ No Gym Required!
  • Discover how you can eat more delicious foods and lose weight without deprivation or restrictions.

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Seafood offers health benefits for brains and beauty

Originally crowned the ultimate brain food, Omega 3 Fatty Acid rich fish such as salmon, trout, and halibut to name a few offer numerous health benefits due to their Omega 3 Fatty Acid properties.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health in addition to providing protection against heart disease and possibly stroke, higher does of omega-3 fatty acids are used to treat depression, and new studies identifying potential benefits for a wide range of conditions including cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases and other autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Omega-3 fats have been linked with health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart attack and may reduce irregular heart rhythms. Omega-3 fats work to prevent disease by regulating blood clotting and the contraction and relaxation of artery walls. They also lower blood pressure and heart rates, improve blood vessel function, and at higher doses, lower triglycerides and may ease inflammation.

Tequila Lime Shrimp Recipe Adds Healthy

Can vegetables be sexy? Everyday vegetables get a sexy makeover when Party Girl Diet author and California Living™ host Aprilanne Hurley and Executive Chef Peter Pahk team up in the California Living™ Kitchen to create Tequila Lime Shrimp.

Party Girl Diet Holiday Survival Guide Tip:  Enjoy Wine & Cheese in moderation...

Party Girl Diet Holiday Survival Guide Tip:  Cheese and Wine are healthy for you – in moderation. The Party Season is upon us, and for many, so is the temptation to indulge more – more often!  And while many hosts now offer “figure friendly” party food options, nothing goes quite so elegantly together aswine and [...]

Healthy Party Girl Recipe Makeover:  Meatballs & Spaghetti - Party Girl Style!

Meatballs are universally known as a huge crowd pleaser, are easy to make and serve, and can be made in large quantities and frozen – to use when your in a time crunch and want to put a healthy, wholesome, and tasty dinner on the table in minutes! The recipe below for my Grandma Roses’ [...]

Party Girl Diet Skinny Fudge is a guilt free treat

Does it seem like you are always the girl on the “I’m hungry diet” at parties and family gatherings? When it comes to finding “healthy” party food and treats to eat it can be a scary world out there. Fortunately, The Party Girl Diet comes to the rescue with it’s famous fast n’ easy Skinny Fudge Recipe- your perfect go to no-bake dessert to make when the party girl in you is craving something sweet to eat, serve, or give as a gift this season.

Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley Gets Serious about San Francisco Nutrition

December 2010, Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley SFN, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition has been named San Francisco Nutrition Examiner for – “The insider source for local,” and the online destination for millions of daily web-visitors looking for quality information they can trust in a vast array of lifestyle inspired categories.

Want Sexy Abs?  Here's Your FREE 20-Minute Total Body Workout Online.

Hey there Party Girls ~ get your best “beach bod” complete with sleek, sexy abs with The Party Girl Diet and California Living’s Beach Body Workout.

U.S.A Party Cities Main Destinations on Party Girl Diet's Big City Tours

With Live TV Appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX – Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley Shows How to Make Healthy Living Fun & Appealing in the Country’s Hottest Destinations – Las Vegas, Arizona, Honolulu, and California!

End Yo-Yo Dieting for Good with The Party Girl Diet!

While the temptation to go a “fad diet” can be strong to lose weight quickly – research consistently shows most of the weight lost is gained back again over time. This is due in part to the fact that while people may actually lose weight on “fad-diets” these diets are not sustainable and as soon as they go off them – the weight lost comes back – setting the dieter up for what is known in the industry as “yo-yo dieting.”

The Party Girl Diet lets you eat chocolate, drink red wine, and enjoy your life while you lose the weight!

The Party Girl Diet, by Aprilanne Hurley SFN is the revolutionary NEW Lifestyle that lets you: Eat Chocolate! Drink Red Wine or your favorite cocktail! Eat a wide variety of delicious foods and… LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU’RE HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Discover the Party Girl Diet’s healthy, sustainable, NEW lifestyle for yourself: Nutrition: [...]

If you lost weight on your last diet only to gain it back - it's time for The Party Girl Diet so You can

Have you lost weight on fad or crash diets only to gain it back again? Perhaps it’s time for a healthy lifestyle change – with The Party Girl Diet – the only diet that let’s you “Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!” And once you lose the weight, the Party Girl Diet Plan offers the perfect solution to weight maintenance as it is designed with realistic lifestyles in mind so you can keep the party going…and keep the weight off for good!

Red Carpet Party Girl Style:  Serve Spicy Ahi Tuna in Martini Glasses

Quick – you’re having a few friends over for an impromptu party and you’re thinking: What can I make that is easy, healthy, and fun to serve? The answer is simple: Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley’s Sexy Abs Diet Ahi Tuna Poke in a Martini Glass!

Pasta Puttanesca: An easy dish with a spicy past

There are as many interesting stories surrounding the history of this dish as there are ingredients in it! Pasta Puttanesca originated in Naples, and is translated as “whore’s or harlot’s pasta.”

One explanation for the name is that the sauce has a spicy, hot flavor and smell.

Another explanation is that supposedly this pasta was made back in the day in “massage parlors” and brothels, because it was a cheap meal that could be made quickly to keep men happy while they waited their turn. Other stories also say the harlots would place a freshly cooked batch of this dish on their window sills to attract new customers…

Your Search for The Perfect Weight Loss Plan - The Party Girl Diet is NOW Available in Books and Kindle Edition on!

Imagine, no more wondering if the “latest and greatest” fad diet will work for you, and finally – no more searching for a healthy, sustainable diet plan that will help you lose weight and feel great for the rest of your life – because the wait is over – your can start reading your Kindle Edition of The Party Girl Diet by Aprilanne Hurley SFN in minutes with!

If you hate the thought of dieting ~ you're going to LOVE The Party Girl Diet!

Dieters on The Party Girl Diet are reporting an unusual side effect: They stop dieting and start living!

The Party Girl Diet Plan includes:

2 Weeks of easy, tasty, and nutritious 10-Minute Recipes that will make cooking healthy a breeze!

Your 3-Day Party Girl Diet Kickoff Plan to jumpstart your weight loss efforts! PGD Kickoff Plan snacks include chocolate covered strawberries, prawn cocktail, and the famous Mediterranean inspired “Party Girl Diet Snack Plate for 2.”

The Party Girl Diet’s innovative “Daily Mocktail” Menu offering non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktail recipes formulated to replace nutrients lost due to overconsumption of alcohol. PLUS – get the secret elixir formulas to enhance your beauty, health, and vitality!

The Party Girl Diet Workout Guide – The Fitness Plan based on science to have you working out smarter ~ not harder!

How to make tasty fresh tomato sauce in minutes

Party Girl Diet Cooking Tip: Professional Chefs use this easy secret to create fresh, flavorful sauces and dishes: Cook with ingredients that are local and in season. This way, you are getting the foods at their peak of flavor and nutrient offering.

The Party Girl Diet’s Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe is super good for you, and tops The Sexy Abs Diet’s Healthy Recipe list thanks to Lycopene – a powerful health boosting phytonutrient found in the tomatoes.

Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley Shakes Things Up Live on Sac & Co - ABC News 10 Sacramento, CA

Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley gives viewers the inside look at simple and fun ways to “Keep the Party Going…and Keep the Weight Off” on Sac & Co., and shares a recipe from her book for The Party Girl Diet’s “Morning-After” Mocktail – a non-alcoholic drink formulated to replace vitamins lost through alcohol consumption.

Happiness is Weekend Brunch & Skinny Fudge

If just the thought of relaxing over a decadent weekend brunch brings you happiness, you’ll bliss out over Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley’s weekend brunch menu, with recipes so delicious – no one but you will Know it’s actually healthy too.

The Wait is Over - Party Girl Diet Debuts in Times Square New York May 2011!

5-15-2011/San Francisco, CA/Author Aprilanne Hurley Reveals a Fun and Easy Way to End Yo-Yo Dieting with “The Party Girl Diet” – a Revolutionary New Lifestyle that Lets People Lose Weight and Keep it Off – While They’re Having the Time of Their Lives!

The All Day Buffets, Infinite Dining Options, and 24/7 Party Till You Drop Lifestyle Las Vegas is Known for Can Take a Toll on Your Waistline. “And Unlike the Famous Vegas Line – ‘What Happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas’ Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley – “The Calories You Eat in Vegas Don’t Stay in Vegas…They Stay With YOU!”

ABC 15 Spotlights Party Girl Diet's Sustainable Lifestyle.

Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley Talks About PGD’s Sustainable New Lifestyle, and Dishes Overnight Makeover Secrets on ABC 15′s Sonoran Living Live while in Phoenix Arizona for The Party Girl Diet’s Big City Book & Media Tour.

ABC 15 Features Party Girl's Healthy Champagne Cocktail.

Chill out with The Party Girl Diet’s Champagne Cocktail which is brimming with anti-oxidants to help protect and repair your skin from damaging free radicals and replace vitamins and minerals depleted by stress and the hot weather.

NBC 8 Hawaii News Now Sunrise is Fun Media Event on Party Girl Diet's Big City Tour

7/11/2011 – Waikiki, Honolulu, HI: Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley Shows Hawaii News Now Sunrise Host Steve Uyehara and Viewers Easy Ways to Add More Health Boosting Color into Their Diets with an Anti-oxidant Rich Mocktail The “Aloha Sunrise,” Plus Fun Dishes from Her Book That Are Low in Fat and Big on Taste!

Get Your FREE Party Girl Diet E-book With Book Purchase on Amazon Today!

Lose Weight with Fun Cocktails, Healthy Mocktails, & Delicious Dishes on The Party Girl Diet!

When Was the Last Time You Actually Had Fun on a Diet? With The Party Girl Diet – You Will
Lose Weight, Feel Great, Eat Foods You Love, and Have a Lot of FUN Doing It!

The Party Girl Diet’s Healthy Cocktail Recipes, Revitalizing Mocktails, Party Girl Cocktails, and Sinfully Delicious Dishes recently featured live on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

ABC News 10 Spotlights Party Girl Diet's

Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley stops by the ABC News 10 kitchen to chat with Host Guy Ferris and show viewers how to cook fast, fresh, and tasty meals at home – that are also easy on the wallet:

The Healthy Party Girl - Oxymoron or The Real Deal?

“Party Girl” and “Healthy” in the Same Sentence – Really?

While the Concept of a “Party Girl” actually being “Healthy” May Seen Counter Intuitive … Check the Ways The Party Girl Diet Book and Live TV Appearances All Work Together to Bring Home The Message – “You Can Be a Healthy Party Girl:

Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley Dishes Healthy Party Girl Treats LIVE on KHNL and KGBM Hawaii News Now Sunrise.

Get the scoop on The Party Girl Diet’s Healthy Lifestyle and “Overnight Makeover” Secrets on ABC 15′s Sonoran Living Live.

Make it Fast, Fresh, and Easy with The Party Girl Diet’s Back to School Dinner Recipes that Won’t Break the Bank on ABC News 10′s Sacramento & Company.

Discover The Party Girl Diet’s Revolutionary New Lifestyle That Let’s You Eat Chocolate, Drink Red Wine, and Lose Weight While You are Having the Time of Your Life!

Read the First Chapter of The Party Girl Kindle Edition on Amazon for FREE!

ABC 10 gets the dish on healthy BBQ ideas with The Party Girl Diet

If your looking for something fresh and different to serve at your next BBQ, Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley has the answer ~ and dishes it live on ABC 10′s Sacramento & Co.

Sexy Abs Diet: Increase Fat Loss During the Day

Getting The Right Amount of Sleep Will Keep Appetite Hormones On Track and Increase Body Fat Loss During Waking Hours!

Sexy Abs Secret: Sleep Balances Hunger Hormones

Quick Sexy Abs Diet Tip: If your afternoon latte keeping you tossing and turning at night, give yourself a caffeine cutoff of at least 6 hours before bedtime to provide your body with enough time to flush the caffeine out of your system.

Healthy Party Girl:  Volunteer - It Does A Body Good.

One of the Greatest Things About Living in Marin County, CA is – There are a Plethora of Amazing Non-profits to Choose from When Looking for Volunteer Opportunities.

Party Girl Diet Heads to Oahu Hawaii - Hot Spot For Business, Night Life, & Chance to Swim with Dolphins!

Honolulu, Oahu is on the Party Girl Diet Book’s Big City Tour Where Travelers Experience Delicious Food, Beautiful Beaches, Aloha Spirit, and Adventure! When it comes to business and leisure travel – Oahu offers a unique blend of everything you need in Waikiki, the heart of Honolulu. with postcard perfect beaches, great shopping, fabulous restaurants, and [...]

Mavericks legend Jeff Clark uses Stand Up Paddle Boarding to stay fit.

Party Girl Fitness Spotlight: Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fun way to torch calories and get a total body workout without stepping foot in the gym.

Just imagine, an intense core workout that is so much fun ~ it doesn’t feel like you are burning 500 – 800+ calories an hour.

Aprilanne Dishes Overnight Makeover Secrets - Live on Hawaii News Now Sunrise!

Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley Shares Her Nutrition & Beauty Secrets Live on KGMB- CBS and KHNL – NBC Live on Hawaii News Now Sunrise!

Party Girl Diet's 9 PRICELESS Key to Good Living™ Session Topic at Hawaii's 2011 Statewide Homeless Awareness Conference

“I have a great job” Hurley smiles – “I get to tell people it’s okay to have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself – everyday – it’s good for you, your health, your mood, and the health and happiness of those around you!”

“Moderation and balance are naturally the key here – we hear it all the time – everything in moderation, and that goes double for work and a stress. Relax, laugh, play, and be good to yourself everyday – and keep the party going!


12/8/2011, Waikiki, Honolulu HI: Author Aprilanne Hurley Shares Her Party Girl Diet’s Revolutionary New Lifestyle & Shakes Things Up on KHON-2 with Her Signature “Morning After Mocktail” – An Anti-Oxidant Rich Mocktail Recipe Formulated to Replace Vitamins Lost Through Over-Alcohol Consumption.

Imagine, a healthy new lifestyle for just $4.98 with the Party Girl Diet Kindle E-book Sale

The Party Girl Diet delivers the BEST of the Top 3 Rated Diets in the US For Overall Health and Heart-Health in One Easy & Delicious Lifestyle! To encourage fun, healthy living with delicious “Nutrition” -  The Party Girl Diet Book is $10.98 and the Party Girl Diet Kindle/E-book is just $4.98 (38% savings) on Amazon [...]

Party Girl Diet Skinny Fudge make's you

Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley reveals she has been having an ongoing love affair…with dark chocolate, noting – “in addition to being delicious, sensuous, and a bit on the decadent side, dark chocolate is a healthy party girl diet treat containing anti-oxidants and health properties that boost ‘feel good’ endorphins – producing brain chemistry reactions similar to when you fall in love.”

Sexy Abs Diet: Signature Red Thai Curry Chicken Recipe is easy, low carb miracle dish!

Special Recipe Sneak Preview from Aprilanne Hurley’s Official Sexy Abs Diet coming out April 2012!

Watching your carb intake and yearning for a flavorful, satisfying, sexy dish to make?

Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley’s Official Sexy Abs Diet’s Signature Red Thai Curry Chicken is a healthy, lower fat, low carb, metabolism boosting dish that will fill you up – and it only takes about 15 minutes to make.

End yo-yo dieting & say hello to a whole new lifestyle with The Party Girl Diet during National Nutrition Month

The Party Girl Diet is not your typical diet & fitness book.  It’s a revolutionary new diet & lifestyle plan delivering the latest research in health & fitness “straight up – with a twist!” For the dish on the latest health & nutrition research and 2-weeks of delicious recipes your whole family will enjoy – [...]

Shed your belly fat & get beach body ready with The Party Girl Diet

With swimsuit season right around the corner, Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley says this is the perfect t time to recharge your 2012 health & fitness resolutions, and a great time to keep the party going with a sustainable new lifestyle plan…

Sexy Abs Diet:  Pack a tasty lunch with ingredients proven to trim your waist!

Tired of the “same old same old” when it comes to lunch options? Get ahead of the weight loss game this week by packing The Party Girl Diet’s “Mediterranean Bliss” Sandwich for a healthy alternative to take-out and restaurant food.

The Party Girl Diet's Virgin Sangria will add color, flavor, & sparkle to your next gathering

Make The Party Girl Diet’s Virgin Pomegranate Sangria for your next get-together and be prepared to reel in the compliments.

Party Girl Diet's healthy 'Strawberry Crepes' satisfy the 'hungry girl on a diet' in you

Hungry for healthy party food on a diet? Say hello to the Party Girl Diet’s super healthy & delicious Strawberry Crepes brunch recipe to satisfy the “hungry girl on a diet” in you.

Made with fat free Greek yogurt which is a food that helps promote sexy abs, and assorted fresh berries – which are packed with antioxidants, the following Party Girl Diet inspired “Super-Berry” Crepes are an easy and tasty recipe you’ll turn to time and time again – when you want to serve up something extra sweet and special.

Keep the party going on Sexy Abs Diet foods to lose belly fat

Check out author Aprilanne Hurley’s video above – featuring The Top 10 Foods Proven to Enhance Health & Longevity, which originally aired primetime on California Living. SEXY ABS DIET BONUS:  Healthy fats containing Omega-3 fatty acids like those found in olive oil and walnuts have been proven to help reduce belly fat.   The following [...]

Sexy Abs Diet:  Eat healthy fats to burn more fat during exercise.

Author and Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition Aprilanne Hurley reports: “If you really want to get sexy abs and be trim and fit, it’s time to move away from the low-fat dieting mentality and embrace the fact that healthy fats are where it’s at to “keep the party going while you lose the weight.”

Wake-Up with the Party Girl's Sexy Abs Smoothie as seen on KHON

KHON-2 FOX Hawaii’s News Leader spotlights Aprilanne Hurley’s custom “Wake Up 2day” Breakfast Smoothie for super energy and sleeker, sexier abs poolside.

We’ve all been there. You wake up and say – “today is the day” I am going to stick to my diet and eat right. So what is a healthy and filling breakfast that will also help whittle your middle in your quest for sleek, sexy abs?

6 Secrets to Stay Perky All Day.

It’s about 2 p.m. and you still have a long list of things to do – but all you want to do is take a nap. Sound familiar? There is actually a physiological reason for this. Our strongest need to sleep occurs between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., and between 1 pm and 3 pm.

So what if your schedule is not flexible enough to take a “power nap” everyday? Here are a few ways to fight off the afternoon slump without reaching for that 3rd cup of coffee or the junk food in the vending machines…

KHON 2 Featured Party Girl Diet's Sexy Legs Secrets.

No body wants cellulite. Those dimply fat deposits that form on the thighs, stomach, and buns. So what’s a girl to do? Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley reveals a few of her Nutrition & Fitness Secrets to “Keep the Party Going…and Keep the Cellulite Away” with Wake Up 2day anchor and reporter Trini Kaopuiki – and the fabulous KHON 2 News Team – live.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Fad-Dieting and How to Break Free - Part 1

Anti-Fad Diet Expert and Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley chronicles the history of “Fad-Diets” in her book, revealing some of the most bizarre and unhealthy dieting trends that have plagued the diet-industry since the early 1700′s.

Hurley counsels, “When it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss, there is no magic bullet,” adding,”The good news is, the Party Girl Diet’s nutrition and fitness principles create a sound foundation for people to actually stop dieting and start living. PDG’s healthy lifestyle allows you to fully enjoy your life and the foods you eat – without the deprivation and restrictions typical of fad-diets. In essence it allows you to “Keep the party going …and keep the weight off.”

7 Deadly Sins of Dieting Part 2:

In Part 2 of Hurley’s Series 7 Deadly Sins of Dieting, Hurley counsels, “Any diet that says you don’t have to exercise to lose weight is considered a fad-diet. The reason for this is, a lifestyle void of exercise is not healthy or sustainable. Even if you are thin, you should do cardio-vascular exercise on a regular basis to prevent heart disease and other preventable illnesses.” Read on to discover the telltale signs of fad-dieting and how to break free.

Party Girl Diet Offers Delicious Lifestyle without Deprivation.

Deadly Sin of Dieting #3: Going on a diet that has you avoid certain foods or entire food groups in order to lose weight.

The 3rd installment in Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley’s 7 Deadly Sins of Fad-Dieting, this article focuses on the perils of eliminating healthy foods and/or entire food groups such as carbohydrates from you eating plan.

2013 Party Girls Holiday Survival Guide.

Party season is here in full force. If you find yourself giving in to temptation – you’re not alone, and according to Hurley and numerous other diet experts, there’s nothing to be ashamed of – as long as you understand “why” you are indulging, and learn how to balance your “give-ins” with an overall healthy lifestyle. Here are Party GirlDiet author Aprilanne Hurley’s top diet strategy you can start today – to “keep the party going…and keep the weight off” this season…

Eat More and Lose Weight with The Party Girl Diet.

2012 Best Diet Books: This Holiday Season – Discover How to Eat More and Lose Weight with The Party Girl Diet’s Revolutionary New Lifestyle That “Let’s You Keep the Party Going While You Lose the Weight.”

Recently featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX Networks, The Party Girl Diet is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that is based on today’s groundbreaking diet and nutrition research. While the name is fun, the Party Girl Diet is not a fad-diet. It is a lifestyle that you will want to enjoy for the rest of your life.

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The Party Girl Diet is eligible for Amazon’s 4-for-3 promotion and FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.00. Buy any 4 eligible items and get the lowest-priced item free.

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Party On...with The Party Girl Diet's $3.98 Kindle and $9.88 Book Sale.

The Party Girl Diet Book is available with Free 2-day Shipping and Special 4-for-3 book offers from! The Party Girl Diet Kindle Edition is just $3.98 for a limited time only! Keep the party going…while you lose the weight with The Party Girl Diet available on and

Here's Your Chance to Star in a 2013 Party Girl Diet TV Commercial...

If you love living life to the fullest and “like” the Party Girl Diet’s healthy new lifestyle that let’s you “keep the party going…while you lose the weight” – this is your golden opportunity to enter The Party Girl Diet’s “Show & Tell” Facebook Campaign for a chance to be in a 2013 Party Girl Diet TV Commercial!

Try Party Girl Diet Hot Wings Super Bowl Sunday

Don’t go hungry on a diet with the Party Girl Diet Hot Party Wings on the menu! The Party Girl Diet Baked Hot Wings Recipe was created girls “hungry” for tasty hot wings without all the fat and salt. Party Girl Diet’s Hot Wings Recipe satisfies the “hungry” in you by drastically reducing the amount of saturated fat and sodium as compared to regular fried Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipes…and due to the secret fat burning ingredients, the Party Girl Diet’s Hot wings are the healthiest Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipes you’ll ever find.

3 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate (Really).

Research shows that people eating cocoa-rich foods daily can receive proven health benefits, which is why chocolate is a recommended super food on The Party Girl Diet.

Get into healthy living with FREE Kindle Book on

March is National Nutrition Month® – Make your diet and weight loss goals a reality with your FREE Kindle book of The Party Girl Diet on on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. While nutrition is always a hot topic in the national news, March is National Nutrition Month® – and the perfect time to focus on where you [...]

Hungry for a diet to lose weight? Party Girl Diet dishes 'how to lose weight' on Good Day Sacramento live

Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition and Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley appears live on Good Day Sacramento with host Marianne McClary for a fun and informative look at how to “have the best of both worlds” by eating well and living a healthy lifestyle.

Get the party started with the Party Girl Diet's 'Mock-Crust' Master Quiche and Virgin Sangria recipes

Move over time consuming Bisquick and traditional quiche crust recipes – the Party Girl Diet’s 2 minute “Mock-Crust” recipe is in town to make dishing your next brunch a total breeze. Get your party started with this Healthy Party Girl Diet Brunch Menu featuring a signature “Mock-Crust” Master Quiche Recipe, and the inside look at how to serve up a perfect pitcher of Party Girl Diet Sparkling Virgin Sangria.

Hawaii News Now Dishes Party Girl Diet's Flat Belly Secrets Live (Video)

A strong body of research reveals eating the right, natural foods can promote flat, sexy abs. Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley reveals a delicious Party Girl Diet Salsa Recipe that aids digestion and targets belly fat live on Hawaii News Now Sunrise with News Anchor Grace Lee…

Party Girl Diet dishes sexy legs cellulite cure live on KHON-2

With bikini season in full swing, the topic of diet and weight loss can weight heavy on many people’s minds. Plus, since cellulite affects approximately 8 out of 10 women, the search for a cellulite cure is also a hot topic.

This is the perfect time to beach body ready by watching Party Girl Diet Author and Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach Aprilanne Hurley’s live appearances on KHON-2 Wake-up 2Day for a look at The Party Girl Diet’s signature leg exercises to get firm, toned – sexy legs…at home.

Party Girl Diet dishes 'skinny' Oysters Rockefeller recipe

In addition to having the famed reputation of possessing Aphrodisiac powers, oysters are considered one of the most nutritionally balanced foods as they contain protein, carbohydrates and lipids. Extremely low in calories, one dozen oysters contains just 110 calories. Oysters are also full of vitamins, and possess the omega-3 fatty acids that are good for our skin, brain, and muscles.”

While many enjoy oysters in the raw, the healthiest way to to eat them cooked. Here’s a recipe for Oysters Rockefeller, a classic oyster recipe that is as healthy as it is delicious since the primary ingredient is spinach, one of The Party Girl Diet’s top 10 Food for health and longevity ~ bon appetite!

Party Girl dishes easy homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe (Video)

Love the idea of cooking from scratch but find you’re short on time? If you’re into simple and delicious cooking, the following homemade tomato sauce recipe which originally appeared on California Living™ with series creator and Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley offers the perfect way to savor summer’s finest tomatoes at their peak of flavor.

Party Girl's Socialite Diet offers holiday diet and workout secrets to look amazing overnight

Score The Party Girl Diet’s Socialite Diet, Workout and Nutrition Secrets to look amazing – OVERNIGHT. “While you can’t change your body overnight ~ The Party Girl Diet’s Overnight Makeover© will get your skin glowing and have your muscles looking more toned and defined by nightfall!” ~ Aprilanne Hurley, Author of The Party Girl Diet and creator of The Socialite Diet

Party Girl's Super Abs Playbook Diet and Workout available on

Score sexy, flat abs with Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley’s NEW Sexy Abs Playbook™ Diet & Workout Guide – your “play-by-play” game-plan which includes – private access to the Sexy Abs Playbook Workout Video, Signature Sexy Abs Playbook™ Smoothie & Soup Recipes, easy to follow and enjoy meal plans, and…BONUS Party Girl Cookbook dishing “recipe makeovers” for popular party foods such as cheeseburgers, guacamole, hot party wings, fudge and more…is now available on

Party Girl Diet Kindle is FREE with Amazon's

Inside Look TV, LLC announced today its Diet & Fitness publication title The Party Girl Diet™ by Aprilanne Hurley is enrolled with Amazon’s new kindle matchbook ” book bundling” program. Amazon’s highly anticipated MatchBook program, which is now live on, which allows authors and publishers to offer heavily discounted or even FREE Kindle editions of their print books to past and future purchasers.

To get this party started, The Party Girl Diet Kindle/E-Book Edition is FREE to past, present, and future purchasers of “new” Party Girl Diet paperback books purchased through

Party Girl Diet's Super Abs Playbook reveals diet and workout secrets for flat sexy abs

December 2013: The Party Girl Diet Series announces the release of The Sexy Abs Playbook™ and The Party Girl’s Socialite Diet™ – 2 NEW Kindle Editions available on Get a jump on your New Year’s resolutions to look and feel your best and start sculpting flat, sexy abs today – with the Sexy abs Playbook’s Sip, Sculpt & Sleep Your Way Skinny™ Solution delivering private access to the Party Girl’s signature Sexy Abs Workout™.

Get 'Toned by Tonight' with the Party Girl Diet on GMA

The holiday season is all about looking and feeling great in your little black dress and skinny jeans – yet too many parties and fat laden party foods can add on unwanted pounds this time of year. Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley comes to the rescue for AZFamily Good Morning Arizona TV-3 viewers with a look at super guilt free party foods from the Party Girl Diet book’s 3-day Kick-Start plan to help viewers “keep the party going…and keep the weight off” this holiday season.

Hawaii News Now Spotlights Party Girl Diet's New Super Abs Playbook's Sexy Abs Diet & Workout Live

Super Abs Playbook creator and Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley met up with Hawaii News Now Sunrise Anchor Grace Lee to reviewed some of the super food ingredients in The Super Ab’s Playbook’s signature Super Abs Smoothie Recipe – a healthy elixir formulated to enhance digestion, support healthy muscle growth, keep you full and boost energy.

In the fitness arena, Hurley demonstrated how to hula-hooping – which burns approximately 100 calories every 10 minutes and is one of her all-time favorite calorie burners listed in the Party Girl Diet’s Super Abs Playbook’s fitness section.

Holiday Survival Guide 2015:  Cure a Hangover Fast with Party Girl Diet's Eggs Benedict and Hangover Cure

After one of those hopefully rare nights of too much to drink, nurture yourself with a healthy “hangover cure” breakfast that will help you feel better with same-day nutrition solutions from the Party Girl’s new Socialite Diet Kindle featuring the following Eggs Benedict Recipe with the Party Girl Diet’s signature 2 minute “Mock-Holendaise” Sauce Recipe created especially for the Socialite in all of us…

Get the party started with the Party Girl Diet's 'Oscar worthy' Chocolate Martinis

Get in touch with your “inner socialite” and celebrate “Oscars 2014″ with The Party Girl Diet’s healthy and delicious “chocolate martinis.” March 2, “Oscar Sunday” is also a star-studded day to award yourself with a FREE Kindle edition of the Party Girl Diet’s new Socialite Diet™on – to score the Socialite Diet’s 1-Day Diet solutions to get red-carpet gorgeous for a big night out, get-ahead in the boardroom, get-over a hangover, and more. The Socialite Diet™ also dishes “recipe makeovers” for traditional party foods so you can keep the (healthy) “Oscars 2014″ party going.

Give Brussels Sprouts some 'Party Girl Diet' love and discover how delicious they can be (really)

Brussels Spouts may top the list of the “most-hated vegetables” yet, even my most picky eater will eat Brussels Spouts when I make them “Party Girl Diet Style.” Interestingly, once you start looking, you will find Brussels Sprouts recipes popping up everywhere – and with good reason: Brussels Sprouts are a very healthy, versatile & delicious veggie.

Lose weight and get bikini ready with the 'California Living' Beach Body Workout

Scoring a fit and firm bikini body is within reach with Party Girl Diet book series author Aprilanne Hurley and her CALIFORNIA LIVING™ Beach Body Workout on-demand – delivering a total body workout in just 20-minutes. While we know that daily exercise is important to our health and wellness, sometimes it may be hard to find [...]

Party Girl Diet's new 'never go hungry diet' recipe: Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries

Oh yeah, in this edition of the Party Girl Diet’s “Never Go Hungry Diet” secrets, Party Girl Diet author and Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition Aprilanne Hurley dishes her lip smacking recipe for hot n’ crunchy Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries to pair deliciously with the Party Girl Diet’s “Never Go Hungry Diet” Burger and Party Girl Diet Hot Wings to completely satisfy the “hungry” in you for party foods you can sink your teeth into without all the extra fat and salt.

Party Girl Diet weight loss solutions for 'hungry girls on a diet'

Are you a “hungry girl” searching for real diet and weight loss answers on “how to lose weight?” As a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach – Party Girl Diet™ & Super Abs Playbook™ author Aprilanne Hurley delivers proven diet, fitness and weight loss strategies to lose weight & keep it off for good. Read on to discover “how to lose weight” the healthy way…and keep it off for good with the Party Girl Diet.™

'Party Girl Diet' dishes healthy grilled pizza recipes for 'hungry party girls on a diet'

If you are a ‘hungry party girl on a diet’ thinking eating party foods like pizza, burgers, wings and fries are off limits – say hello to your new best friend: Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition & Party Girl Diet™ author Aprilanne Hurley, who reveals one of the worst things a girl can can do is go ‘hungry on a diet.” Being a “hungry girl on a diet” sets you up for a whole host of negative appetite and hunger hormone reactions that can actually make you eat more and gain weight.

Sneak preview of new Aloha Diet's Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Recipe

Hungry for healthy party food to eat on a diet? Score the Party Girl Diet’s Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Recipe fresh from Maui, Hawaii – a recent destination on Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley’s healthy food & travel tour. You don;t have to travel to Hawaii to live the healthy Hawaiian lifestyle with the Party Girl Diet’s Hawaiian inspired Ahi Tuna Poke recipe – a healthy, fun and easy 10-Minute party food dish to serve up in a martini glass for extra flare.

'California Living' dishes healthy watermelon recipes on ION Television

CALIFORNIA LIVING® with TV host and Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley is all about whipping up healthy & fun recipes with local, fresh produce at its peak of flavor. Special guests on CALIFORNIA LIVINGChef Jeff Anderson, executive chef of the Safeway Culinary Kitchens and Art Perry of George Perry & Sons family farm in Manteca California share the benefits of choosing fresh, local produce in season – like watermelon from Art’s family farm, which has been providing Safeway with fresh and locally grown watermelons for more than 60 years.

Party Girl Diet Kindle is FREE with book purchase on Amazon

Hungry for a great diet book deal? Loose weight while you’re having the time of your life with The Party Girl Diet™ book by Aprilanne Hurley SFN, CFLC, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach AND get your FREE Kindle Edition of The Party Girl Diet™ with Amazon’s “kindle matchbook” program – which entitles all past and future Party Girl Diet™ book purchasers a FREE Kindle/E-book edition of The Party Girl Diet™ .

'Party Girl Survival Guide' dishes 'naughty' ways to boost your health this holiday season

Hungry for the ultimate ‘Party Girl Survival Guide?’ Now you can go out with the girls, sleep in…and catch some rays – all completely guilt free. That’s right, you’ll find Party Girl Diet™ author Aprilanne Hurley’s “Party Girl Survival Guide” list of “naughty” things you can do to stay healthy sinfully delightful.

Hawaii News Now audience original inspiration for Aloha Diet Skinny Fudge

Hurley notes, “I am always looking to incorporate ‘local flavor’ and fresh, easy to access ingredients into the Party Girl Diet recipes I feature on my media tours. For Hawaii New Now Sunrise, I thought it would be fun (and so ono) to whip up a batch of the Party Girl Diet’s famous ‘Skinny Fudge,’ replacing the walnuts with rich, buttery tasting, roasted Hawaiian Macadamia nuts. It was at that delicious moment in time – the Aloha Diet’s “Mac-Nut Skinny Fudge” recipe was born.

Party Girl Diet dishes Skinny Guacamole recipe with sexy abs twist

Are you a hungry party girl or guy on a diet? Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley has a few skinny recipes to dish including her Super Abs Playbook Skinny Guacamole Recipe, which delivers all the great taste of traditional Guacamole with an added nutrition punch aimed to whittle your middle for serious sexy abs.

Party Girl Diet quiz reveals your 'bond girl' diet and fitness personality

Inspired by the power, strength and “super spy” seduction of the “new bond girls,” California Living® has teamed up with the Party Girl Diet™ brand to created the following fun, “New Bond Girls” Diet & Exercise Personality Quiz to help women identify their inner “new bond girl” personality to guide them on their mission to attain super health & fitness.

Super Abs Playbook by Aprilanne Hurley on Amazon

Receive a FREE Kindle E-book of The Party Girl Diet’s Super Abs Playbook on Amazon! Stress – it’s a part of life. Add on the recent “shelter at home” quarantines and working from home – and all of a sudden you may be finding it hard to get your regular workout in. All of this [...]

Good Morning Arizona gets the party started with Party Girl Diet Bruschetta

Party Girl Diet extends a special thanks to AZ Family’s Good Morning Arizona cast & crew for 2 fun days on the set. On day-1 Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley reviewed healthy, guilt free party snacks to serve a crowd – which are also on The Party Girl Diet’s 3-Day Kick-start program in the book to help people lose weight while they are having the time of their lives.

Party Girl Diet by Aprilanne Hurley

Bruschetta, pronounced (brus’ketta) is an appetizer which dates back to at least 15th century Italy. There are many topping variations, although the most popular and well known is the one The Party Girl Diet features, which consists of a topping made with olive oil, fresh basil, chopped fresh tomatoes, garlic, and cheese.