Party Girl Diet Cooking Tip:  Professional Chefs use this easy secret to create fresh, flavorful sauces and dishes:  Cook with local ingredients in season when they are at their peak of flavor and nutritional best. 
Time Saving Bonus:  Traditional Italian Tomato Sauce recipes take much longer to make than this Party Girl Diet inspired Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe, which typically require canned tomatoes, and lots of time simmering.
Health Bonus:  The following red sauce recipe is super good for you, and tops The Sexy Abs Diet’s Healthy Recipe list - thanks to Lycopene – a powerful health boosting phytonutrient found in the tomatoes known for cancer prevention and increased cancer survival rates.  Research shows Lycopene may reduce the risk of cancer by 40% – notably prostate, lung, and stomach cancers.

Watch as Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley get’s the inside look at how to make Fresh Tomato Sauce with Sonoma County Executive Chef Graziano - originally airing primetime Bay Area wide on California Living™ with Aprilanne:

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Easy, delicious, and good for you – what more could you ask for in a dish?  Follow these simple directions and you’ll be one meal closer to whittling your middle in no time – Enjoy!
Fresh Tomato (Red) Sauce
(Serves 4)

1. Cut a small X on top of 4 ripe, large, on the vine tomatoes “place in boiling water (boil for approx. 2 minutes to blanch remove from water and pull off skin, then dice.

2. Place approximately 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive in a large saute pan and saute 3 large shallots, minced.

3. Once onions are clear in color add diced tomatoes to pan one 8 oz. glass of white wine and approximately 8 oz. of water.

4. Add 1 bunch loosely cut fresh basil and 2 tsp. each sea salt and black pepper.

5. You can simmer up to 2 hours if you want a thicker sauce.  Or, as we demonstrated in the show clip above, you can serve immediately to capture that “fresh off the vine” flavor at its peak of perfection! Serve over your favorite high-fiber whole grain pasta and enjoy!

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