The Party Girl Diet - Keep the Party Going...While You Lose the Weight!

The Party Girl Diet - "Keep the Party Going...While You Lose the Weight!"

Dieters on The Party Girl Diet are reporting an unusual side effect:  They stop dieting and start living!

Highlights of The Party Girl Diet Plan include:

- 2 Weeks of easy, tasty, and nutritious 10-Minute Recipes that will make cooking healthy a breeze!

-  Your 3-Day Party Girl Diet Kickoff Plan to jumpstart your weight loss efforts!  This plan lets you enjoy your life and lose weight – and you don’t have to count calories!  PGD Kickoff Plan snacks include chocolate covered strawberries, prawn cocktail, the famous Mediterranean inspired “Party Girl Diet Snack Plate for 2,” and more!  (PGD Snack Plate for 2 is in Kindle Edition and paperback book – PGD 3-Day Kickoff Plan is included in current paperback version only)

- The Party Girl Diet’s innovative “Daily Mocktail” Menu offering non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktail recipes formulated to replace nutrients lost due to over-consumption of alcohol.  PLUS – get the secret elixir formulas to enhance your beauty, health, and vitality!  (PGD Daily Mocktail Menu is included in current paperback version only)

- The Party Girl Diet Workout Guide - The Fitness Plan based on science to have you working out smarter ~ not harder!

- PLUS:  Both the Kindle Edition (e-book) and the The Party Girl Diet Book include the PGD Bonus Overnight Makeover for those times when you need to look and feel your best…Overnight!

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Amazon Customer Review on The Party Girl Diet from Maria K:

I’ve read them all and this one is terrific. I was so inspired after reading this book that I changed my whole way of eating. I truly have read every “famous” diet book published and I had settled into a low carb mentality. I would only eat certain fruits, certain veggies and almost no breads, rice or pastas (unless of course I wasn’t “ON” my diet. This always left me feeling like I went “OFF” my diet.) After reading this well written survival guide for a healthy lifestyle my fridge looks like a rainbow and I have ditched the low carb mentality. Aprilanne Hurley has included so much valuable information and tips that this book serves me well as a reference book that I keep out on the counter. Included in the book are great recipes, exercise charts and tips, top 10 foods and why we should include them in our diet, and of course the 9 PRICELESS keys to good living. I printed a copy of that page and hung it by my desk. I especially like the PGD Overnight Makeover on page 123. This book explains WHY we should incorporate all this information into our healthy lifestyle which makes it more motivating to follow it. It is all backed up by the latest science available on the topic. I highly recommend this enjoyable gem of a book.

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