Party Girl Diet Chocolate Martini

Get in touch with your “inner socialite” and whip up a batch of  the Party Girl Diet’s healthy and delicious “chocolate martinis.”

What you want to have on hand to make 2 “clear” Chocolate Martinis:

• 1 Cocktail Shaker filled with ice cubes (preferably not crushed ice)
• 6 oz Chocolate Vodka (Clear) 360 Double Chocolate is a good brand
• 2 oz Cream de Cocoa (White – Clear)
• Handful of Hersey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses
• Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup like Torani to dip glass rims in
• 1 Packet No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix or equal amount of pure cocoa for rims
• Optional: 2 oz Whip Cream or vanilla flavored vodka
• 2 Martini Glasses
• 2 medium sized saucers for rimming ingredients

Optional: For a less potent drink – you can cut back on the amount of vodka and/or Cream de Cocoa and add a splash of Vanilla Bean Soda or a non flavored sparkling water prior to drinking.

Step 1:

Pour a small amount of chocolate syrup into one plate, and empty hot cocoa mix on second plate. You can omit this step if you don’t have the rimming ingredients on hand, you can also use water instead of the chocolate syrup, yet the syrup holds the hot cocoa mix on better.

To rim your glasses, first dip your martini glasses into the sugar free chocolate syrup to coast the edges of the rim, then immediately dip them into the hot cocoa mix to form a powdery – chocolaty rim around your martini glasses.

Remove wrappers from 2 dark chocolate Heresy’s Kisses and place 1 point up into the bottom of each of the martini glass. (You’ll probably want to have a few more dark chocolate kisses on hand to snack on).

Step 2:

Fill your cocktail shaker with fresh ice cubes, and begin adding in your drink ingredients:

  • 6 oz. (6 shaker capfuls) of your chocolate vodka
  • 2 oz. White Cream De Cocoa

Shake vigorously – at least 1 minute

Step 3:

Immediately strain the chilled Chocolate Martini mixture into your rimmed martini glasses over the chocolate kisses…enjoy!

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Portions of this article originally appeared in Aprilanne Hurley’s San Francisco Nutrition Column on

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