The Party Girl Diet by Aprilanne Hurley

If you like The Party Girl Diet’s healthy, fun lifestyle, this is your chance to enter to win a starring role in a Party Girl Diet TV Commercial!

Are You Ready For Your Party Girl Diet Close Up? 

If you love living life to the fullest and “like” the Party Girl Diet’s healthy new lifestyle that let’s you “keep the party going…while you lose the weight” – this is your golden opportunity to shine – by entering The Party Girl Diet’s “Show & Tell” Facebook Campaign for a chance to be in a 2013 Party Girl Diet TV Commercial!

Entering to be selected is simple:

1.  “Like” Party Girl Diet on Facebook to participate…

2.  Take a short video on your smart phone telling us “Why you like (or love) The Party Girl Diet, or snap a photo and tell us “Why you are the ‘Picture’ of Perfect Party Girl (or Party Guy) Health.”

3. Remember to relax, smile, and be yourself. We are looking for real people who enjoy good food and value The Party Girl Diet’s healthy, sustainable lifestyle and want to live without restrictions and deprivation typical of fad-diets.

All entrants must be age 21 or older to participate, and all entries must be received by midnight on March 1, 2013 to be considered. Winners will be notified via email on or before March 10, 2013.

*Video Presentation Tips to help you “Rise to the Top” in the Video/Photo selection process:

Keep it Short and Sweet: Your on-camera presentation should be around 20 seconds or less. For best results – Practice. Practice. Practice.  (Also, hold your smart phone sideways when using the video feature.)

Look the part: Don’t wear white, or heavily patterned clothing. Do wear fun, bright clothing and/or show us your unique “party girl” signature style. No entries containing nudity, poor taste, or partial nudity will be considered.

Always make your on-camera presentation a full sentence by starting with “I like the Party Girl Diet because”, or “I am the picture of perfect party girl diet health because…”

Allow a short pause before and after you speak on camera for the best results and make it easy for our editors to use your video.

Picture and sound quality counts! Make sure you take the video in a well lit room with little noise going on in the background for best picture and sound quality.

Among other qualities, winners will be selected on the on-camera presentation, picture and sound criteria outlined above. Winners will be notified via email, and will receive a talent release to sign and return back.

No purchase necessary.  No payment for television appearances is being offered or is implied now or in the future.

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