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The 4th installment in Fad-Diet Expert Aprilanne Hurley’s Series:  The 7 Deadly Sins of  Dieting, this article reviews ways we can avoid “gluttony” by creating a more balanced lifestyle approach.

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Keep the party going with healthy indulgences that are all part of The Party Girl Diet’s revolutionary new lifestyle that let’s you “keep the party going…while you lose the weight.”

Party season is in full force.  If you find yourself giving in to temptation – you’re not alone.  Fad-diet expert Aprilanne Hurley’s Party Girl Diet is your “party girl survival guide” to help you understand  how to balance your “give-ins” with an overall healthy lifestyle.  Here’s Hurley’s top diet strategy you can start today – to “keep the party going…and keep the weight off” this party season:

The Party Girl Diet’s #1 Strategy to Avoid Over-Eating:  Don’t Restrict Yourself.  Yes, you read that right.  “We set ourselves up for major dieting setbacks when we deprive ourselves of the foods we love or crave,” notes Hurley, who adds, “The problem with restricting ourselves from eating foods we want is that typically, the more you resist something you really want, the more you try to ‘satisf’y’ the craving by eating other, less enjoyable foods.”  The result?  Hurley cautions that “By the time you’re done “resisting” the food you really want to eat, you can consumed an equal or even greater amount of calories eating foods that don’t really do the trick.”

Research also shows depriving yourself can lead to binging or over-eating once your will power breaks.  This leads some to eat more than they would have if they just allowed themselves to enjoy the foods they were desiring to begin with.  The more successful strategy is to understand that good food and drink are a part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.  Hurley’s Party Girl Diet Plan encourages you to embrace your ability to enjoy all the wonderful foods that life brings.  The key is, in addition to moderation – striking a balance between what you eat with the calories you burn as part of your everyday lifestyle.  When you exercise on a regular basis, you can afford to enjoy all foods in moderation.  While Hurley’s Party Girl Diet book goes into explicit detail on how to calculate the amount of calories you need to sustain your current weight and how much exercise you need to lose weight,etc – the goal is to “move your body everyday,” by engaging in physical activities that you enjoy.

Hurley offers, “Exercise should not be a drudgery – it should be something you look forward doing every day to keep you physically and mentally on top of your game.” Hurley suggests, “Ask yourself everyday one important question:  What can I do today to give my heart and lungs a good workout…and, as Nike’s tagline says – ‘Just do it’ you’ll be amazed at how easy it will become to make daily exercise a part of your life.”

If you are short on time – Hurley recommends walking at the fastest pace you can – for at least 10 minutes – three times a day.  Hurley adds, “The beauty of this strategy is, research shows you will get intrinsically the same health benefits by breaking up your exercise regimen into shorter bouts of exercise as you would if you walked for 30 minutes straight, so for the majority of even the busiest people – everyone can find 10 minutes 3 times a day to walk – which, when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle is definitely a step in the right direction.”

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“Delivering the latest research in health & fitness straight up…with a twist!”

Fad Diet Expert and Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley chronicles the history of “Fad-Diets” in her book, revealing some of the most bizarre and unhealthy dieting trends that have plagued the diet-industry as far back as the early 1700′s.

Hurley counsels, “When it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss, there is no magic bullet,”  adding,”The good news is, the Party Girl Diet’s nutrition and fitness principles create a sound foundation for people to actually stop dieting and start living. PDG’s healthy lifestyle allows you to fully enjoy your life and the foods you eat – without the deprivation and restrictions typical of fad-diets.  In essence it allows you to “Keep the party going …and keep the weight off.”

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