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While the temptation to go on a “fad diet” can be strong to lose weight quickly – research consistently shows most of the weight lost is gained back again over time.  This is due in part to the fact that while people may actually lose weight on “fad-diets” these diets are not sustainable and as soon as they go off them the weight lost comes back.  This sets up the dieter for up what is known in the industry as “yo-yo dieting.”

Naturally your intentions to eat right, exercise, and loose weight are admirable and with adherence to the proper diet plan will ultimately deliver success.  The problem is, most “fad diets” can be disguised as “quick weight loss miracle plans” which may unfortunately set people up for failure from the get-go because they are too rigid, promise unrealistic outcomes, and/or do not have the proven scientific research behind them to support their outrages weight loss promotion claims.   So how can one distinguish between a fad-diet and a wholesome, healthy weight loss strategy?

If a diet you are considering has any or all of the following components – proceed with caution:

Tell-tale Signs of a “Fad-Diet:”

1.   The diet offers inflated marketing claims of ultra-quick weight loss (more than a few pounds a week).

2.  The diet restricts certain food groups completely - “No carb” diets fall into this category which recommend you eat a diet full of health harming saturated fats in the form of eating all the full fat cheese, dairy, and animal proteins you want while eliminating heart healthy grains and legumes, and health promoting fruits and veggies.

3.  The diet requires you to consume specific foods only such as eating only grapefruits, bananas, cabbage soup, all liquids, or large quantities of fat and protein for extended periods of time for instance.

4.  The diet requires dieter to purchase specific weight loss supplements, drink powders, prepackaged foods and bars, etc. which can be an impractical  “eating lifestyle” to adhere to and/or maintain over a long period of time.

5.  The diet does not promote exercise and claims you do not need to be physically active to loose weight on the diet.

While the above list is rather abbreviated – the intention here is to get the message out to avoid “fad-diets” like the plague!  To complete the picture, below are the attributes of a healthy diet – one that will offer you the most rewards for your efforts and the best results in your quest to loose weight and feel great this season:

3 Key Attributes of a Healthy Weight Loss Plan:

1.  The diet allows you to eat all of the food groups in moderation – without limiting your intake of food groups that are proven to enhance health and longevity such as fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, whole grains, etc.

2.  The diet plan is one that you can sustain (stay on) for long periods of time – ask yourself:  “will I be able to easily stay on this diet plan for “the rest of my life?”  If the answer is “yes” you may have found the perfect diet plan for you as long as it includes the rest of the points on this list!

3.  Exercise is promoted and required daily/weekly to keep you healthy and help you burn calories in order to loose weight.

If you are interested in getting more reliable, “no nonsense” information on “Dieting,” “Weight Loss,” and “Healthy Eating” – and are ready to say goodbye to “fad-diets” and Hello to a new, healthy, and sustainable diet and lifestyle plan – you owe it to yourself to check out our new book “The Party Girl Diet” available on so you can “Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!”

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