Party Girl Diet SandwichTired of the “same old same old” when it comes to lunch options?  Get ahead of the weight loss game this week by packing The Party Girl Diet’s “Mediterranean Bliss” Sandwich for a healthy alternative to take-out and restaurant food.  

Combined a selection of  the following ingredients in a whole wheat pita bread pocket or high fiber wrap of your choice, or on sliced 100% whole grain bread:

Sliced Avocado:  Avocado is a top source of MUFAs (Monounsaturated fatty acids proven to melt belly fat) also known as healthy fats, and people who consume these fats are more successful at losing weight than those who don’t.

Olives:  Add about 4 sliced black olives, which are rich is vitamin E and neutralize the damage from free radicals.

Spicy Salsa:  When prepared with jalapeno peppers  - spicy red salsa will stoke your metabolism for up to three hours after you finish eating.

Sliced Tomatoes:  Tomatoes contain the phyto-nutrient lycopene, which is a cancer fighting agent and an all over healthy food to eat everyday for optimal health and longevity.

Dark green, leafy vegetables:  Romain lettuce is a great choice, and feel free to substitute fresh spinach leaves any time you are looking for a change and a nutritional boost without sacrificing flavor.

Sliced Low-salt Turkey is great to add in – especially if you are looking to build  more protein into your sandwich.  Sliced hard-boiled eggs are also a clean protein option.

Drizzle with olive oil (MUFA) and red wine vinegar, add a dash of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.

Whole Wheat Bread is packed with fiber that makes you feel full sooner and stays in your stomach longer than most other foods.

The Party Girl Diet’s Mediterranean Bliss Sandwich partners great with a colorful side salad, fresh berries for dessert, and a cup of anti-oxidant rich green tea.  Enjoy, and “keep the party going”~ Aprilanne

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