Now there are no excuses.  You can get a total body workout in just 20-minutes with Party Girl Diet Author Aprilanne Hurley and California Living’s Beach Body Workout On-demand.

While we know that daily exercise is important to our health and wellness, sometimes it may be hard to find the time to get to the gym.

Luckily, the California Beach Body Workout now on-demand below – will condition your abs, tone your thighs, and firm your butt with three easy exercises.

The secret to the success of this workout is Circuit Training, an execution of a selected number of exercises in a determined sequence and time, with the performance of cardio bursts in between each exercise.

Check out the California Living Beach Body Workout any time you don’t have a lot of time to exercise – or when want to get a total body workout in just 20 minutes.

[pro-player type='video' image=' CA Beach Body Workout/Current CA Beach Body Workout-poster.jpg'] CA Beach Body Workout/Current CA Beach Body Workout-iPhone.m4v[/pro-player]


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