Mammals like Gannet Pictured Here May Need Your Help!

Community Involvement such as Volunteering is 1 of  The Party Girl Diet’s 9 PRICELESS Keys to Good Living.â„¢

In addition to helping the people in your community - you will also gain proven health benefits from volunteering.

Endorphins are those “feel good” chemicals that get released in our bodies when we exercise (among other vigorous activities), are in pain, laugh, and do something nice like volunteer or help out others in need – which has been dubbed the “helpers high.”

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area – visit for a look at some of the organizations Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley has work with over the years to get an idea of the “lifestyle friendly” volunteer ops you may enjoy, depending on your hobbies and interests.

Wherever you reside – follow your passions and interview non-profit organizations which do work in the areas you have a hobby or an interest.

For instance, if you like animals – you can offer your time and/or resources to a help out your local animal shelter.  If you want to work with people, there are numerous non-profits that offer services to the elderly, at risk children, and young adults needing some direction in life.

You can also create your own volunteer op by offering to donate your professional time or skills to help out the organization.  Non-profits may need your marketing genius, your creativity, or your accounting skills.

This season – set aside some time to get out there and volunteer…you will be glad you did!

Aprilanne Hurley is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Author of The Party Girl Diet, and Health Expert for California Living TV, the Bay Area’s original lifestyle show featuring California’s trends in food, travel, and healthy living.

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