The Official Sexy Abs Diet by Aprilanne HurleyThe Right Amount of Sleep Will Keep Appetite Hormones On Track and Increase Body Fat Loss During Waking Hours!

“Sleep” is one of The Party Girl Diet’s 9 Keys to Good Living for many “good” reasons!

For Starters:  According to the Annals of Internal Medicine – “getting too little shut-eye can prevent dieters from losing as much body fat as they otherwise would have.”

Among people who got eight hours of sleep, more than half of their weight loss came from losing body fat.  By comparison, only a quarter of the weight lost came from fat in the group of people who got less than five hours of sleep – the remainder was due to muscle loss!

Moral of the Story?  Get Your Beauty Sleep Every Night and Give Yourself a Leg Up on Your Fat Loss Success!

I’m ready to crash right now – how about you?  Sweet Dreams…Aprilanne

Aprilanne Hurley is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Author of The Party Girl Diet, and Health Expert for California Living TV, the Bay Area’s original lifestyle show featuring California’s trends in food, travel, and healthy living.

Hurley’s Party Girl Diet book and Kindle (e-book edition) are available on …so you can “Keep the Party Going…While You Lose the Weight!”  The Party Girl Diet’s revolutionary new diet and lifestyle plan combines today’s groundbreaking health and nutrition research with Hurley’s penchant for good living to provide a healthy, sustainable plan you will want to enjoy for the rest of your life!

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Aprilanne Hurley SFN is available for personal diet, nutrition, and lifestyle consultations.  Contact Aprilanne with your nutrition and lifestyle questions @, or call 415.209.0722 and “keep the party going!”

This information is not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any illness or disease – sleep related or otherwise, and should not be construed as medical advice.   Always check with your doctor prior to starting any new diet or exercise regimen.

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