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Uncover strong, sexy abs with Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley’s California Living® “Bond Girl” Diet & Fitness Personality Quiz.

Party Girl Diet ™ author and California Living® TV host Aprilanne Hurley invites you on a mission to uncover your inner “bond girl” diet & exercise personality to make your health & fitness goals a reality.

Read on to discover how California Living® takes a cue from one of the main reasons Spectre has been “shaking” the entertainment industry and causing a major “stir,” which is the casting of Italian screen star Monica Bellucci, an accomplished actor and stunning beauty at age 50 – in the lead role.

It’s no secret there’s a double-standard in Hollywood in that men can work well into their 50’s and later with all their charm, good looks and debonair ways, while many women in Hollywood typically hit their prime for landing lead roles in their mid-thirties, leaving all the leading lady roles to their more “youthful” competition. Such is not the case with the casting of Monica Bellucci in Spectre, which is considered a move in the right direction by many, and for the purpose of this article, drives home the message that women can be strong, sexy, smart and beautiful at every age. In addition, Bellucci is not focused on being super skinny, in fact, she does not want to be. This “comfortable in your own skin” confidence presents a more realistic, healthy role model for our youth, as well as women of all ages.

(California Living® TV Promo above) California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley sets out on a mission to discover the secrets to Super Health & Fitness.

Inspired by the power, strength and “super spy” seduction of the “new bond girls,” California Living® has teamed up with the Party Girl Diet™ brand to created the following fun, “New Bond Girls” Diet & Exercise Personality Quiz to help women identify their inner “new bond girl” personality to guide them on their mission to attain super health & fitness.

Write down your answers to our short quiz below to find out if you are a “Double Agent,” “Femme Fatale,” or “Super Spy,” and discover the best diet & exercise plan for you.

Q 1: When it comes to exercise, you prefer to:

A. Get your workout in early in the day so you can benefit from the energy surge and calorie burn it delivers.

B. Mix in exercise with other daily events like shopping, housework and yard work.

C. Sneak a few power moves like crunches, squats and bicep curls in while watching TV, or even doing a few plies while cooking dinner.

Q-2: When it comes to fitness and looking good, you concentrate mostly on:

A. Strengthening your core muscles – having strong, sexy abs is key.

B. A fitness routine that will give you a total body workout (in as little time as possible).

C. Getting in a last minute workout to look good for a big night out or event.

Q-3: Which of the following best describes your ideal diet and nutrition quest:

A. I’m always on the lookout for the most current “sexy abs diet” nutrition news to include into my daily diet regimen to be on top of my game.

B. I’m tired of all the fad diets and just want to eat healthy…enough with all the deprivation and restrictions of crash diets – you just gain the weight back when you go back to your regular way of eating.

C. Give me that quick-fix – I’m always on the lookout for a diet that will help me loose a few pounds – FAST.

Q-4: When I go out on the town, I like to wear something that:

A. Turn heads – like a sexy abs baring crop top and my favorite low cut jeans

B. Compliments my figure and shows off all my hard work in a well fitting, comfortable yet stylish outfit.

C. Shows off my best body features – you know the perfect little black dress that bares my toned arms, firm thighs – sexy abs and tight buns.

Q-5: The best compliment I can get is when someone says:

A. How did you manage to score those awesome, sexy abs didn’t you have 2 babies?

B. I’m jealous – you look so amazing.

C. Your skin is glowing; and you just look so healthy – what’s your secret?

Q-6: If you were offered a part in the new James Bond 007 movie “Spectre” which Bond Girl role would suit you best?

A. The leading lady (of course).

B. Playing the “Bond Girl” no one suspects – then KABAM!

C. Move over Monica Bellucci – I’m ready for my close-up!

So which “New Bond Girls” Diet & Exercise Personality are you? Check your marked answers with the following:

Super Abs Playbook by Aprilanne Hurley on AmazonIf you answered mostly A’s: You are a “Super Spy:”

As a “Super Spy,” “Super Heath & Fitness” is your game, and being the best you can be is your ultimate “end game.” Determined to be on top of your game (and everyone else’s) as a Bond Girl “Super Spy” you seek out the action way before the action finds you. You are the first to try new diet and fitness trends, yet are not stirred or shaken by fads and false “lose weight quick” claims. Your approach to health & fitness is commendable, and you lead the way “by example” for others to follow.

The California Living® diet and workout best suited for the New Bond Girls Diet & Fitness “Super Spy” Personality is:

The California Living® Super Abs Playbook Workout, the companion workout to the Party Girl Diet’s Super Abs Playbook – “Your Sexy Abs Diet and Workout Game Plan to Sip, Sculpt and Sleep Your Way Skinny.”

The Party Girl Diet™ Super Abs Playbook™ Sexy Abs Diet & Workout Game Plan offers cutting edge research on how proper nutrition, exercise and sleep affects the physical appearance of the abdominals by managing appetite and stress hormones.

If you answered mostly B’s: You are a “Double Agent.”

An action seeking, unconventional type at the core, Double Agent Personality types are always working their scene from different angles. Double Agents do not confine their workout strategies to the gym, yet rather seek out stealth workout opportunities anywhere and anytime they can get a good sweat session in.

The perfect workout for the Double Agent Personality is the California Living® Beach Body Workout.

Double Agent Personalities know the importance of staying fit, yet sometimes can find it hard to fit a workout into their jam packed, almost “double life” schedule.

Fitness exercises that do “double duty” by working multiple muscle groups are the key for Double Agent Personalities, and the California Living® Beach Body Workout will deliver Double Agents that TOTAL BODY workout their looking for in just 20 minutes, thanks to Circuit Training.

Double Agent “Bond Girl” Personality types – get ready to say hello to sexy abs, firm buns and toned arms and thighs.

Save precious time with the perfect workout for your personality and under that strong, unshakable exterior, you’ll be sporting firm buns, sexy abs and lean legs by doing the California Living® Beach Body Workout just 3 days a week.

Party Girl Diet by Aprilanne HurleyThe Diet for Double Agent Personality types is the Party Girl Diet™ – which is a healthy, sustainable diet free of the typical deprivation and restrictions associated with crash and fad dieting.

The Party Girl Diet™ lets you drink wine, eat chocolate and enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods…and in essence allows you to “lose weight while you’ve having the time of your life.”
Double Agent Personalities often find themselves too busy to even think about eating, which can wreak havoc on the metabolism and stabilization of hunger hormones. Once hunger strikes, this personality type may find themselves eating anything in sight. One way to combat this is to check out the Party Girl Diet’s Super Abs Playbook™ – for sexy abs diet secrets to include stabilizing your hunger hormones with proper, well timed nutrition and yes party girls…that much needed beauty rest.

Another proven sexy abs diet solution is to plan out your meals ahead of time, and pack yourself a few non-perishable snacks to enjoy throughout the day like nuts and low-sugar protein bars.

If you answered mostly C’s you are a “Femme Fatale.”

Femme Fatales have a way of attracting attention even when they are “under-cover.” And since Femme Fatales often find themselves in the limelight to lure in their mark – they need to constantly be on top of their game to look and feel their very best at a moments notice. To this end, finding quick and easy workouts are always critical to the mission. Whether the assignment is to rock their skinny jeans or nail it in a little black dress – speedy workouts with even faster results is the name of the game for Femme Fatale “New Bond Girls” Diet & Exercise Personalities.

The problem? For many Femme Fatales, they are always out having such a good time…there never seems to be enough time to fit in that workout.

The solution?

TheCalifornia Living® Toned By Tonight™ Workout is the perfect workout for Femme Fatales who want to toned and define their muscles by nightfall.

Plus, when performed 3 times a week with the addition of cardio, the California Living® Toned By Tonight™ Workout is the perfect workout to “keep the party going…and keep the weight off.”

Socialite Diet by Aprilanne Hurley, author of The Party Girl Diet bookFemme Fatales Personality Diet Recommendations: The Party Girl Diet™ & The Socialite Diet.

The Party Girl Diet™ let you drink wine, eat chocolate and enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods…and in essence allows you to “lose weight while you’ve having the time of your life.”

The Socialite Diet™ offers Same-Day Nutrition Solutions for everything from proven Party Girl Diet™ hangover cures to “Overnight Nutrition Makeovers” to look and feel you best for an important meeting at work or a big night on the town.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it is to discover your “Bond Girl” Diet & Fitness Personality to achieve Super Health & Fitness and a happier, healthier, new super spy worthy you.


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